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My name si FLORIN CALINESCU and I am an Audio-Visual and Communications Assistant.

Creative Media work is my passion, so when the project is about filming, photo shooting and audio recording, that's where I love to be. With more than 12 years experience in a wide variety of media projects I am confident that the quality of the end product is worthwhile. I don't necessary use a journalistic approach, but rather a human interaction. I like to communicate visually in a very simple way, but with a strong message.

When we talk about AV industry that is growing so fast, we talk about new challenges and opportunities! All of these demands a constant self discipline and a daily training. I like to keep an eye open to everything that's new and especially to follow the examples of those great media people in the industry.


If you are passionate about MEDIA, I encourage you to take a look over my website. Sooner or later I hope to bring more helpful resources that will help you to develop your skills. I always use to say: if you have a teacher, open your ears; if you have a passion, open your heart.

As long as you have an internet connection line there are countless opportunities to learn and to develop ourselves. We can learn so many good things one from another if we share the same passion. Together, we are better.